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    Cjac will take oil-pressure buffers and other core products to CeMAT Asia 2018

    Company News

        At CeMAT Asia 2018 exhibition, Mr. Lin , general manager of Suzhou Cjac industrial co., LTD., interviewed our reporter and introduced the products and the development of the company.

        Suzhou Cjac industrial co., LTD. was founded in 2013, while the head office in Taiwan was established as early as 1987. Over the past 30 years, CJAC has established its own brand through continuous efforts, which has become an important link of industrial automation and industrial upgrading.

        At present, the products of Cjac  include oil pressure buffer, precision speed stabilizer, air induction check valve and so on. Among them, CJAC industrial oil buffer can provide smooth linear deceleration, stable and quiet stop or change the movement direction of the work piece with the minimum force, not only can perfect increase the production capacity, extend the mechanical life, and can reduce the vibration noise, while the safety of production line machinery and operators can also be guaranteed. High quality and durable, suitable for all kinds of automatic mechanical equipment, such as stacker products.

        In recent years, the rapid development of domestic logistics industry, the application of automatic equipment such as stacker increasingly popular, which also provides more opportunities for the development of CJAC .